Memorial Day Weekend
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First of all, I hope that everyone is have a great Memorial Day. Now, while we are on the subject of the holiday weekend, I hope that you have a little bit of time to call you favorite phone girl! lol As a lot of you know, I’m available all weekend to satisfy you and let me tell you, I’ve been getting some outstandingly hot calls!

It is such a turn on to me when you guys are naughty and turned on. It really has an effect on me and I know that comes through the phone right to you! lol I just love creating fantasies with you and hearing you cum is just the icing on the cake! lol This weekend, I’ve had it all – fun little panty boys who just want to be made pretty, naughty professors, dirty daddies and uncles, cuckolds who want to clean me up after watching me get laid. So many fun times and I want you to come join in with the fun!

I want our time on the phone to be fun for both of us! When you call me, don’t be afraid to share those fantasies with me; I want to know them because I want to get you off! Naughty or nice, wild or mild, I want to know what gets you going! Maybe you just want to have a bit of chat with a friendly, non-judgemental woman who can give you some advice or insight into what women really want – I can also do that! In addition to having a great voice, I am a good listener also. So, next time you’re feeling horny or just in need of a sweet female voice in your ear, give me a call. My goal is to make you happy, however that may be.

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My Hours 9a-9p Pacific Time 

Phone Fantasies and webcam sessions $2.50 a minute
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Please inquire if you have any questions.
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Memorial Day Sex

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Phonesex Taylor

Another long weekend and time to think about the summer to cum the Memorial day, and to thank all the service men and women that keep us safe every day smooooch’ola to you all. This weekend I am running a phone sex special just $2.00 a minute with a 10-minute minimum. There is now time better to hook up with a sexy hot blonde, and trust me I know what a back seat of a car looks like. I love to be drilled doggie style. Give me a call I’m available all weekend to take care of you


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Phone fantasies $2.50 a minute with 10 minute minimum. Please inquire if you have any questions. Billed as AlphaNet Information Systems LLC All major credit cards accepted.
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Memorial Day Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend and I'd like to say thank you to all the service men and women for everything you do.
Over this weekend I'm offering my personal one one one services to everyone at $2.00 a minute. I am your phonesex goddess and can fulfill all your desires, or just chat the night a way in an intellectual and stimulating conversation.
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Pretty angel will be happy spend time with you...

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I am cutie, nice smile, fun to be with :)

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Always glad to meet new people))

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Living With a Nudist: BTS Featurette – Tiffany Watson & Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina & Tiffany Watson in lesbian porn BTS !
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Believe me when I`m saying I`m a true expert of delivering pleasure to people. I am glad if I can learn new tricks, though. Got anything up Your sleeves?

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Living With a Nudist: Part Two – Tiffany Watson & Gina Valentina

Roommates and recent lovers, Tiffany Watson and Gina Valentina decide to start things off slow, beginning with some breathing exercise in the form of meditation. Since Gina is going to be teaching, both women need to be naked, in order to be fully open and receptive. Tiffany has shown she's more than eager to sit back and let Gina take the lead. As they sit on the bed together, breathing in each other's air, feeling so relaxed and carefree, Gina pulls Tiffany in for a soft kiss. Leading her tongue down Tiffany's body, resting on her hard nipples. Sucking them to the sound of Tiffany's moans. Gently she traces Tiffany's body with her lips, until she reaches the soft, wet spot in between her legs. Working her finger deep inside Tiffany, while flicking her clit with her tongue. As Tiffany's cum drips into Gina's mouth, she places herself on top of Tiffany, face fucking her mouth. Back and forth, they make each other cum until they're spent, laying hand in hand on the bed. If Tiffany wasn't a believer in Gina's free loving ways before, she sure is now.. and so will you, after watching these two cum together....
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If you`ll get a little time to know me...that`s for you to decide if I`m the special one for you.Life is more than day by day routine,take your time and let`s have a joyride of the most exciting things!

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Blind Love: BTS Featurette – Veronica Rodriguez & Ellena Woods

Behind the scenes with Ellena and Veronica after their scene
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Hey guys! I am a little girl and I would love to have my private room full of people wich like me. I am open for all You like and i like smart men

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Cheers, boys. I am young, good-looking, attractive, talkative and interesting girl, who loves everything that is related to fun and that makes me happy. I do not prefer staying at home and most of the time you can find me outdoors, having good time in surrounding of interesting people.

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im ur dreams princess. visit my room and ur dreams come true )) Lovely girl now in mini skirt. top and white socks! have heels too, toy, pigtails For imagine what u ll see when u enter my room u can watch my video free in Mad Video Competition! Video ID: 1354287759

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I like to be watched when i touch myself

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Blind Love – Veronica Rodriguez & Ellena Woods

When blind teen Veronica Rodriguez' lift to church arrives, it's Ellena Woods filling in for her usual ride. Meeting for the first time, Ellena lets Veronica touch her face and body to get a sense of her appearance. Veronica can tell she's tiny and pretty, and thinks she has a nice voice. She likes Ellena, and she wants her help getting showered and dressed for church. And not because she's blind. Veronica's a lesbian virgin, but she's ready to explore Ellena's sweet teen innocence, kiss her soft lips, slip her hand up her floral skirt and feel her tight pussy. Ellena resists at first, but eventually relents to Veronica's sexual overtures and joins her blind friend naked in the shower. Veronica's dark beauty presses against Ellena's peaches and cream complexion, rubbing her lesbian teen pussy until she cums. The girls continue to share their first lesbian experience, as Ellena delicately strokes Veronica's vulva, fingers her pussy and licks her clit, making her pussy squirt during her first lesbian orgasm!
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The Soccer Star: Part One – Yhivi & Zoe Parker

Soccer Star Zoe Parker has just led her team to victory and now it's time to enjoy all the benefits! After a quick interview, she heads to the showers. An out of breath, Yhivi arrives to the interview, only to discover it has already taken place. Not wanting to loose the story she's promised her editor's for, she musters her pride, and enters the bathroom. As Zoe wipes off her wet body from the shower, Yhivi is standing there. Zoe knows she should be freaked out however, she takes in this cute brunette and decides she's in for some extra fun. As they begin to chat, Zoe hands Yhivi some oil, to rub on her back, not thinking much of it, she complies. However, she notices Zoe is more focused on the massage than answering her questions, especially when Zoe, grabs the oil and pours it down her chest. As the interview progress, it becomes less about words and more about pleasure. As Zoe licks Yhivi's hard nipples, her tongue slowly glides down her body until it reaches her awaiting pussy. As she buries her face in between her legs, Yhivi bites her bottom lip in order to stifle her cries of passion. As she cums into this Soccer Star's hot, sexy mouth, she decides it's her turn to take over this interview and Zoe has no idea what's coming.....
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I`m working on this side of the camera, but still I love people playing with themselves. Forget about limits and step into my room.

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I`m a good girl, friendly , naughty and always ready for fuck when a guy want me.

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